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VIDEO: Within the Majete Wildlife Reserve Together with @RobinPopeSafari

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David’s Been Here is at safaris that can be found inside and Malawi, Africa’s Majete Wildlife Reserve, touring lodging. Alongside Robin Pope Safaris, David excursions the Mkulumadzi Luxury Safari Lodge that includes two family chalets, 8 bedrooms and space that could fit up to 20 guests. Catch a glimpse inside this luxury lodge as David ….  Read More

Top 10 Places to Visit

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When I seen Suriname in July of 2019, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had researched lots of areas to visit in Suriname, but beyond that, comprehensive information regarding the country was scarce. Nevertheless, as soon as I arrived, I found an country filled with hidden stone diversity, tropical paradises, untouched wonders, and ….  Read More