Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

We recently learned about an exciting subscription-based travel service called Sub Trav that allows travelers to pay what they want to find perfect destinations to suit their needs. The first time I heard about it, I have to admit I was a bit confused since most subscription-based travel services only provide membership to clubs that do not really provide many benefits. There are others out there that charge a ridiculous $249 a month!

Pay what you want

SubTrav is ideal. A few of my very best travel adventures have come by jumping in feet first and from way of chance. With its forthcoming launch in September 2015, here’s what you should know from SubTrav about this service that is Exceptional:

How SubTrav will Operate

Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

It’s simple to to why SubTrav is so appealing. It lets members pay what they want beginning at $10 per month. Decide how much you wish to pay each month. $50? Okay! $500? That’s cool. The more you spend, the cash SubTrav can put into your journey. SubTrav lets your monthly price is chosen by you and provide info regarding destinations for as many as three trips. Much like me, the creators of SubTrav wish to inspire folks to become impulsive and just go.

Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

“I know exactly where I Need to go” Alternative

A questionnaire will be taken by Participants so that they can be matched by SubTrav up with destinations.  With this advice, SubTrav sends ideas and the traveler chooses one.  This exciting thought helps individuals achieve the capacity and also affordable vacations to find out.

Win a trip!

Let us say you understand where you would like to go on your next trip. There’s a choice for that SubTrav books the trip and at which it is possible to select. Your fee covers the cost of a resort. Your flights could be covered also, if you decide to pay more.  For example, $10/month = $120/year that could provide you with a weekend trip with resort just. Or $100/month = $1,200/year that could provide you with a week-long trip with hotel plus a trip.

Why I like SubTrav

Essentially, if you purchase more, SubTrav takes care of more. Straightforward enough, right?

Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

You will know what you’re getting because SubTrav’s survey will show you the types of destinations that are available at each monthly subscription level. For instance, when you choose what you want to pay each month, SubTrav clearly states what destinations they can purchase with your desired subscription level. Then, SubTrav sends all the information you will need. You’ll just have to let SubTrav know about the dates you are available.

What I enjoy is that Subtrav doesn’t make itineraries for you–those are trips rather than tour packages–you are free to explore and perform as you need on the trip. But, SubTrav could send hints and suggestions regarding things to do if that’s what you want.

Travelers who supply an email entered to win a free trip and will be notified of this SubTrav launching. Additionally, should they discuss their thought in a tweet or on Facebook, they receive five extra entries to win a free trip.  SubTrav plans to launch the service in September but in the meantime it’s possible to sign up for free vacations and other giveaways.

Since it is a distinctive small business that does over a travel agent could I am excited about the launching of SubTrav. It can open up your eyes to destinations and prospects you may have never thought about, and they can help you get there. I enjoy seeing ways to get folks to travel, and up to now, SubTrav appears to be among the best ideas to hit on the travel industry. As someone who travels frequently, I understand the value of knowing when it is possible to travel and flexibility to make the most of last travel deals. Even though the majority of individuals do not have enough time or connections to make the most of those, discounted travel is possible.

Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

If you’re open to seeing to places, SubTrav is your response to personalized travel.

Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling

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Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Traveling