VIDEO: Sydney’s Most Interesting New Restaurant & Bar: The Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining

David’s Been Here is at Sydney, Australia in hunt for the top flavors of the city and finest restaurants. Join David at the heart of the business district where he heads underground to the Rabbit Hole Bar &┬áDining. Turning the food and beverage business upside down, David Laming- proprietor and chief mixologist- chooses his trousers almost as serious as his flavors, concocting some from this world plates and’drinks’ that can leave your taste buds, gut and mind grinning for more. With one of the finest burgers on the planet and their famous edible drinks (try Doug’s Margarita and the Jelly GnT)- there is plenty of reasons to head underground to this yummy yet relaxed restaurant. Find out more about Dining & this Rabbit Hole Bar and all the city’s best edible experiences in the David’s Been Here Guide to Sydney, coming for your own Kindle Also.